Show Capcom’s shareholders that Megaman Legends CAN sell! Buy anything you can afford.

Haven’t played Megaman Legends yet? Wanna improve your Megaman collection? Well now’s your chance! Choose your region and platform, (marked by their logos and cover art,) purchase one of these classics, and you’ll probably know why we love this sub-series, and why we want Capcom to revive this great

Megaman Legends/Megaman 64/Rockman DASH:
US:100kmoneymakerbutton1 100kmoneymakerbutton3 100kmoneymakerbutton14JP:100kmoneymakerbutton2 100kmoneymakerbutton4
PSN: 100kmoneymakerbutton5PSP:100kmoneymakerbutton11PSP Combo Pack:100kmoneymakerbutton13
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne/Tron Ni Kobun:
US:100kmoneymakerbutton6 JP:100kmoneymakerbutton7 PSN:100kmoneymakerbutton8
Megaman Legends2/Rockman DASH 2:
US:100kmoneymakerbutton9 JP: 100kmoneymakerbutton10 PSN:100kmoneymakerbutton15PSP:100kmoneymakerbutton12 

^ (If you Have A PSP, PS3 PS Vita or Vita TV, we highly suggest you buy
Megaman Legends, The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne and Megaman Legends 2 on the PSN store. It tells the investors and shareholders at Capcom that
Megaman Legends 3 can sell! And then maybe tweet @capcom_jp that you bought them with the hashtag #BringBackMML3.


 100kmorishitabanner1 100koronamincbanner

If you still want The Megaman Legends 3 Project to be revived, visit
the other sections of our support hub for more ways
to revive this great project.


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One thought on “Show Capcom’s shareholders that Megaman Legends CAN sell! Buy anything you can afford.

  1. Man, I wish I had money, or I would definitely buy all of the paraphernalia. And maybe a couple extra copues of the games themselves for my friends who’ve never even heard of the Legends series. You should have seen how quick I went into nonstop yammering when they told me they had no idea what Legends was one day!


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