Please support Inafune’s amazing projects and collaborations!

When you’re done telling Capcom how much you want this game, be sure to support Keiji Inafune, Comcept and Inti Creates’ post-Capcom Megaman spiritual successors!
Just click the images below, and purchase and enjoy these amazing games.
and other projects





Keiji Inafune wants Megaman Legends 3 every bit as much as we do, and his team at Comcept and business partners over at Inti Creates (among others) have all the same passion as he does. He does not skip a beat when it comes to producing amazing adventures. So please buy or back these great projects!

If you still want The Megaman Legends 3 Project to be revived, visit
the other sections of our support hub for more ways
to revive this great project.


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