If you want The Megaman Legends 3 Project to be revived, follow the steps of each portion of our page, individually marked and linked on the
sections of the Gesellschaft below.


When you’re done using any of these methods, please spread the word however you can. Share this hub with your friends! Get #MML3, #ReviveMML3, #ロックマンDASH3, #DASH3  and/or #BringBackMML3 trending on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and any other network with a hashtag system! (For convenience, you can send the short link “” around if you don’t have this site on standby.) It really helps us in proving to Capcom and subsequently the whole world just how many fans want
Megaman Legends 3 to be revived.

You can also send this QR code linking to this very site!

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